A School Teacher and Law Graduate Murders For Dowry

New Delhi, November 24, 2011

Rekha Rani’s husband, along with his sisters and mother, had tortured her mentally and physically and called her names, beat her up and often threw her out of the house as they demanded dowry from Rekha’s parents.  They even threatened to kill her. On May 9, 2011, Sanjeev, the husband, called up Rekha’s mother to say that her daughter was not keeping well and wanted to meet her.  When Rekha’s mother reached her daughter’s matrimonial home along with her husband, she found the house locked from outside and was informed by neighbours that her daughter has been taken to hospital as she had supposedly hanged herself.  Rekha had been declared “brought dead” at the hospital. She has left behind a two-year-old son.  After knowing of her daughter’s death at the hospital, Rekha’s parents told the police that her daughter was being harassed and tortured by her in-laws for bringing insufficient dowry. One of Rekha Rani’s torturers who has now been denied bail was her sister-in-law Seema Singhal, a school teacher and a law graduate. The report here.


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