Bride’s Family Cancels Wedding Because of Dowry Demands

Mumbai, Dec 08, 2011

This case demonstrates how dowry remains a festering wound in the India even in the progressive, urban sections of society.   Both the prospective bride and groom in this case are independent, career-oriented individuals.  The groom-to-be, Jayesh Khilnani is based in Singapore where he works at one of the leading financial firms of the world.  The bride-to-be Aparna Sadhwani (name changed) was a stewardess with a major airline.  After being introduced to Aparna’s family, Jayesh had befriended her on a social networking site where they continued their courtship.   At the last minute the wedding was called of because of mounting dowry demands from the groom’s wealthy family.  Sources close to the bride’s family say the bride’s family had already spent around Rs 30 lakhs (U.S. $70,000.00)  in the run-up to the final wedding preparations but are now relieved that they did not go ahead with the marriage as worse could follow. It is believed that the girl’s mother has suffered a stroke amid the tough abuse she was subjected to for dowry. Report here.



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