Indian Doctor and His Family Arrested For Dowry Harassment of Wife

Mumbai, 19 December, 2011

Dr Narendra Nanaware (33), his mother Janabai and brother Sanjay,  have  been arrested on the charges of dowry harassment of 22 year old Shilpa who was married to Dr. Nanaware.  The police is now on the lookout for Narendra’s father Sopan, who is still at large.

Accusing the Nanawares of torturing his daughter, Shilpa’s father Ramesh Dambere said, “It was an arranged marriage. At the time of the wedding, the Nanawares demanded a huge amount from us. Keeping in mind my daughter’s future, I somehow managed to meet their demands. I had already given Shilpa gold ornaments worth Rs 4 lakh and household goods worth Rs 8 lakh. However, after just 20 days of the wedding, they started harassing my daughter for money as Narendra wanted to open a clinic. However, with my small cobbler shop, it was beyond my capacity to once again arrange for such a huge sum.”

“I want the cops to teach them a thorough lesson,” added Dambere. Read report



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