Four Women Killed by Witchcraft in Jharkhand in Just One Month

Jharkhand, Bihar, May 12, 2012

Four women were brutally killed in a span of just over a month in Jharkhand due to the practice of witchcraft in rural areas.  The throats of these women were slit.  According to an official report from the Jharkhand Social Welfare Ministry, it is mostly widows or single women and families with no male members, that fall victims to this practice.  The ministry pointed out that the real motive behind the killings was usurpation of the helpless women’s movable and immovable property. Report here



2 Responses

  1. three months that’s all they get for killing someone. its no wonder this is out of control. i say the penalty for this sort of crime should be death by firing squad. (after a fair trial of course)

  2. […] now rare because of an enforced law banning the custom, widows continue to be socially isolated, subjected to all forms of abuse, and even among the educated,  middle and upper class Indians, widows still face a discreet, even […]

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