Police Graduate Arrested for Dowry Harassment and Violence

Vastrapur, Gujarat, May 16, 2012

Hiren Desai was arrested for dowry harassment a few hours after he graduated from the police academy.  Bhavana who was married to Hiren Desai, said that a year after her marriage her husband would beat her often because his family wanted more dowry from her parents.  Her in-laws started demanding that she give them Rs 25 lakhs to purchase a new house.  When she refused, all the members of her in-laws household began to beat her frequently. It appears at one point they through her out of the house.  Then Bhavana’s parents pleaded with the Desai family to take her back, as apparently so did the police!!  When the Desai’s refused to take her back, a report was filed and the arrest was made.  Report here

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