Minor Girls In Indian Orphanage Raped By Police

Chandigarh, June 06, 2012

On May 10, a National Commission for Protection of Child Rights team had raided Apna Ghar a home for abandoned or orphaned children in Rohtak, run by an NGO, Bharat Vikas Sangh, and rescued 94 minors, mostly girls.  The woman in charge of the home,  Jaswanti Devi and her son-in-law Jai Bhagwan were arrested on charges of child sexual abuse.

The girl inmates of the Apna Ghar shelter in Rohtak told a four-member committee that they were gang-raped by Haryana Police officials, who made them dance naked and forcibly took them out of the home.

Almost all the inmates reportedly said that Haryana Police officials were frequent visitors to Apna Ghar and would abuse them with the help of Jaswanti Devi.

According to sources, two of the inmates — one deaf and mute and the other mentally challenged — said that when they got pregnant, the in-charge of the home, Jaswanti Devi, stepped on their stomachs and inserted sticks inside their private parts to force abortions.  Jaswanti Devi, incidentally, is a recipient of a number of state awards for “empowering” women.  Full report here


3 Responses

  1. Isn’t police for serve and protect and then who will save girls from cops?

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