Indian Parents Are Plotting Their Daughters Murders More Carefully

Jaisalmer, June 18, 2012

According to the local medical authorities, members of some communities, infamous for killing baby girls, have now found a new way to make the deaths look ‘natural’. The baby girls are either not fed enough or deliberately not given medical treatment for illnesses. The authorities came across three such cases in Tejmalta and Mandi villages of the district during the last 10 days. On Friday, Dileep Singh was arrested after his daughter, who was born on June 13, died in the absence of proper treatment. Keku Kanwar delivered a healthy baby at Tejmalta on June 8 but was brought to the Jhinjhinyali primary health centre in serious condition the next day. The baby did not survive. On the same day, the death of yet another baby girl was reported, following which the entire family is missing.

District collector Shuchi Tyagi accepted the fact that some people are deliberately resorting to inhuman methods in order to save themselves from the law. Tyagi said it is a planned conspiracy and of the three recent cases, the newborns were buried in the backyard of the house. They also use chemical or salt so that body gets destroyed quickly.  Full report here


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