Woman Beaten to Death for Dowry


Asma, who had recently married Naeem,  is believed to have been beaten to death by her husband and in-laws after she failed to meet their dowry demands. The police have arrested the husband and his parents. Report here


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  1. It seems the time has come to do away with dowry’s or make dowry’s equal if a family wants a family member to marry a member of another family they should maybe be responsable for a dowr’y.I understand that a lot of this has to do with socail standing,but it has become tottaly out of hand or maybe as in our country take the family out of the picture alltogether in that couple save for there own marriges if the family want to be involved let them split it between them.I know this is a very black and white and this has been a centries old tradition and is maybe a linch pin to a complete culture,surely the whole thing has got tottaly out of hand and extreeme mesures would eventualy save many lives

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