Teenage Girl Molested by a Mob of 20 Men in Full Public View!

Guwahati, Assam, July 13, 2012

A 17 year old girl was stripped and mob molested by a group of about 20 men, in full view of the public.  The girl was attending a friend’s party at a pub, when one of the men passed a lewd remark at her.  She retorted, and the pub owner threw them both out.  After that, as the man followed and grabbed at her, a crowd of men collected and joined in the gang attack.  There was a T.V. crew nearby that actually filmed the incident without intervening!!! The television station has been criticized for being mute witnesses to the crime.

The Managing Editor in response said, “There were lots of people shooting the incident on mobile phones…. The police was informed the moment this incident happened. There were two camerapersons and two people cannot take on a mob…Had we stopped rolling the camera, these molesters would not have been arrested. What we did was in public interest…”  Full report here

The faces of the accused men from this film has been made into a poster which has been put up all over the city.   The poster is included below here in this blog.

If anyone has any information regarding the men identified in this case (photos below) or you want report anything else regarding the incident, you may call 0120-4341895 (India



5 Responses

  1. 1. A News Live reporter was all in her face, trying to shoot her because she was in a bar (gasp!). They broadcast these sorts of things mostly.
    2. She retaliated.
    3. She had a friend with her, who escaped before all this.
    4. The reporters from the channel orchestrated the whole thing. They were involved in this.

  2. India’s dishonor and abuse against woman is against the laws of nature. The male participants should suffer punishment. Whatever diety you pray to is not condoning your behavior. You act worse than tortured animals. You are worthless men to dishonor females in these many ways. Shame on you.

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