Mob Attacks and Attempts to Rape a Female Politician

Guwahati, Assam, July 01, 2012

Congress leader, and member of the Legislative Assembly, 33-year-old  Rumi Nath,  who married Jaki Jakir, last month and converted to Islam.

A mob of about a 100 hundred men attacked Rumi and Jaki at their hotel, because she had allegedly not divorced her first husband.

However Rumi Nath says that this has more to do with the fact she married a Muslim man and converted to Islam.  She says, “I got attacked by some boys who were drunk. They even tried to rape me and take my clothes off, so it’s an attempt to murder and rape. Since I got married it has been a political issue; it’s 100 per cent a political conspiracy.”

Her own party has condemned the incident. “There are legal means if they have any grievance. But this is reprehensible and we condemn this incident,” said Haren Das, general secretary, Assam Pradesh Congress Committee.  However there doesn’t seem to have been much action on the part of the police and administration to investigate and arrest the men involved.  Full report here.


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