Police and Hospital Turn Away a Rape Victim

Kolkata, West Bengal, July 27, 2012

Around 5 am on Wednesday, a 38-year-old victim was on her way to Chatterjeehut where she has been working as a domestic help for last 10 years. Like everyday, she took a shortcut below the bridge along Kona Expressway near Santragachhi railway station. Suddenly, someone pulled her from the back and she felt a blow on her nose immediately after. She was then dragged to a nearby bush, her earrings and nose ring were snatched and she was raped. The tormentor allegedly tried to strangle her to death, but the victim amassed the last bit of energy left in her and managed to free herself and escape from the rapist, a short man in a red T-shirt and black trousers.

The suffering of the victim did not end with the rape though.  She rushed to the Jagachha police station with a bleeding nose and scratch marks all over her face and neck. She informed the duty-officer that she was robbed and raped, narrated the entire incident and pleaded with him to file a rape complaint. Unmoved by the trauma the woman had experienced minutes ago, the officer registered a general diary (GD) and sent her home advising immediate hospitalization.

The victim’s sister said, “My sister raised an alarm. She requested a passer-by and two constables to catch the fellow. But they did nothing. At the hospital, officials refused to admit my sister saying that it is a police case. I then helplessly called a journalist. Once the news hit the television, things started moving fast. A police officer came and got her admitted and an FIR was lodged.”  Full report here


2 Responses

  1. the mans are becoming relentless animal “they cant see any thing other than a woman to use to quench their thirst /desire/lust for sex”they must be punished non other than death ,but what to do with the old darconian IRPC of india where justice always denied to needy people

    • Why shouldn’t we demand an accountable and functional police, courts and government? Why do people keep saying that won’t work? Of course as citizens if we don’t demand it — we won’t get it. We need to demand it. That’s why we have our petition. Do sign it and add your voice to our demand.

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