Acid Attack Victim Wants to Commit Suicide

New Delhi, July 27, 2012

Nine years ago, three men  broke into Sonali Mukherjee’s house, and attacked her with acid that melted her face and and left her almost deaf and blind.  Sonali was a 17-year-old sociology student, with big ambitions, and the men who attacked her were her neighbors who had subject her to constant sexual harassment.  When she threatened to tell the police, they attacked her.  Within three years, the men were out of jail on bail. She says, “Before the attack I was harassed and followed around for nearly two and a half years. Scared and frustrated, I complained to my father, who was a watchman in a mill. My father requested the boys to leave me alone, but to no avail. One night it came in the ugliest form – acid. My younger sister was also injured in the attack but she escaped with major injuries…The worst, however, are the continuing death threats that we are receiving from the attackers. They have now threatened to attack my sister and brother and kill my parents. We have been running like fugitives to escape them.”

Sonali has appealed for medical help from the Indian government, and tougher punishments for her attackers.  Or else she wants permission to commit euthanasia.  “For the last nine years, I am suffering … living without hope, without future. If I don’t have justice or my health, my only way out is to die,” she said.  Full report here


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