Woman Killed by Hired Assassins for Giving Birth to Girls

August 11, 2012 Gonda, Uttar Pradesh

The husband, in-laws and two other men given life sentence for the murder of Sadhna Singh two years ago.  Sadhna had given birth to two daughters, which made her husband and in-laws unhappy.  They decided they wanted her husband to marry another woman.  So while Sadhna was at school where she taught, two paid assassins on a motorcycle gunned her down.  Full report here


2 Responses

  1. The only comment I have is – Why cant the so called men of the male sex realise that women are like fertilized earth and we only feed and nutured what they (men) sow inside us. They cant give boys seed it is not our problem and secondly those ? men who do infanticide or fetocide or even genocide of women does it ever cross their mind that they are alive today thanks to a WOMAN who gave birth to them,fed and love them and not a man!

  2. When are these uneducated people going to be taught that the MALE decides the sex of the baby—-NOT the female!!??

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