Film Fraternity Rushes To Protect Wife-Beating Indian Actor

Bangalore, Karnataka, September 14, 2012

Popular Kannada actor Darshan, who habitually abused his wife, burning her with cigarette stubs, threatening to kill her and her baby, and battering her so violently she had to be hospitalized, was jailed for spousal battery.  However he was freed after he had the public and The Karnataka Film Producers Association (KFPA) rush to rescue him.  While the public continues to dote on their super star, refusing to accept the wife’s statement, the Film Fraternity has been pressurizing the wife to “reconcile” with her husband. Full report here

Also read “Support to wife-beater Darshan exposes our Warped Value System”


2 Responses

  1. Leave his dirty ass. He is not an actor, not a good actor and nothing to be praised over. He is LoW and will find himself alone, poor and disdained. By my word, it shall be so.

  2. THIS IS TERRIBLE!! what is wrong with people… that they think this is normal for these poor women to be treated so horrible!….these men have a lot of mental issues and anger and hate in them! they should be in jail and let them get the same treatment they are giving to these defenseless women!…shame on these men and the judge!! one day they will face God and the judgement day!

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