Indian Judge Advices Battered Wife to “Adjust” to her Abuse

Pune, Maharashtra, September 02, 2012

A 28-year-old woman who had left her husband’s house, unable to bear his battering any more was told by the judge to return to him.   When the case came up before the court, instead of granting her a divorce, the wife was advised by Justice K Bhaktavatsala of the High Court of Karnataka to adjust to her abuse. He said, “Women suffer in all marriages. You are married with two children and know what it means to suffer as a woman. Why are you still talking about his beatings? I know you have undergone pain. But that is nothing in front of what you undergo as a woman. I have not undergone such pain. But madam Justice BS Indrakala (referring to a female judge present has.”

The judge remarked, “Ask your father if he has never beaten your mother!” When the woman’s advocate produced photographs showing her swollen face, the court said, “You have to adjust.
There is nothing in your case to argue on merits. Have you read about actor Darshan [referring to a another recent case of wife battering]? He spent 30 days in jail after beating his wife. But they are living together now.” Full report here


5 Responses

  1. Deplorable should be given a second chance at life away from him

  2. Well who gave permission to anyone in the first place to beat anyone. Justifying beating is the most inhuman thing this ‘judge’ can do

  3. That’s alright we are not going to let you come back to any planet any more. You have to come through our portal to come back here. You think you are getting away with your disrespect to womanhood but we see you and intend to take action!

  4. Absolutely disgusting….Why is the husband not standing in front of a proper decent judge to be condemmed for his actions??? He should be jailed for life!!!

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