Poisoned and Killed for #Dowry; Court Awards Life Sentence to Husband and In-laws

The Bombay HC recently upheld the life sentence awarded to a man, his sister and mother for allegedly harassing the man’s wife and murdering her after she failed to meet their demands for dowry.


Najma Parvez Shaikh, had married Mohammed in February 2005. Soon after their marriage, Najma was ill-treated by Parvez, her  husband. His mother and sister, who stayed with the couple in Vile Parle, joined him in torturing her.

It was alleged that the accused had taken a loan of Rs45,000 from the father of the deceased which he never returned. Whenever a demand for the return of the money was made, Najma was physically abused.

Additional public prosecutor Pradeep Hingorani said, “On several occasions, the victim would go back to her parents’ home. She would then be coaxed and assured of a happy married life and sent back to her matrimonial house. Over time, the harassment grew and on the night of December 4, she was poisoned to death.



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