Prominent Editor and Rights #Activist in #India Charged with #Rape

November 23, 2013

New Delhi

Tejpal-1The police  filed charges of rape and sexual assault Friday against Tarun Tejpal, the editor of Tehelka, one of India’s most left-wing, liberal magazine that has influenced a generation of young Indian journalists with its exposes of corruption and abuse of power.

The case burst into view Thursday, when the magazine’s managing editor, Shoma Chaudhury, sent an announcement to her staff that “there has been an untoward incident” and that Tejpal had apologized and would “recuse himself” for six months. A remorseful letter from Tejpal, which was leaked to other publications, described “a bad lapse of judgment, an awful misreading of the situation.”

An account posted on a social media site shortly afterward, evidently written by the victim, described two episodes of assault that took place when she was cornered in a hotel elevator.

Many journalists and activists fumed over Chaudhury’s treatment of the episode as an internal matter, especially because the magazine, Tehelka, has pushed for Indian society to confront hidden cases of sexual violence.

Full report here


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