3 States With the Highest Rates of #Crimes Against #Women in #India

December 2013

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) statistics West Bengal topped the chart of crimes against women.West Bengal is followed by Andhra Pradesh with 28,171 cases reported in 2012.  Uttar Pradesh stood third with nearly 23,569 crimes against women reported during 2012.
As per NCRB state-wise break-up, 1,963 cases of rape, 7,910 cases of kidnapping, 2,244 cases of dowry death, 3,247 cases of assault on women with intent to outrage modesty, eight cases of insult to modesty of women, 7661 cases of cruelty by husband, 31 cases of immoral traffic act, 505 cases of Dowry Prohibition Act were lodged across the state of UP during 2012.

Crime against women in city is on the rise too with 55 cases of rape reported in 2012 as per the National Crime Records Bureau. However, as many as 14 cases of rape were reported from January to October 2013 this year. Similarly, nearly 56 cases of dowry death were reported from the district in 2012 whereas as many as 19 deaths were reported from January to October 2013 in the district.


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