#Kolkata Woman Gang #Raped, Battered, Bleeding, Walks 3.5 Kms for Help

Kolkata, Jan 20, 2014

On Sunday evening a 21-year-old woman who worked in the city’s upscale South City Mall, on her way home at 10.30pm, was dragged into a car, gang raped, and left to die by the river.  The rapists took all her things, her money and mobile, even as they debated whether or not to kill her. Though disoriented, battered, and bleeding badly she managed to walk  3.5 km to a phone booth to call for help.  She’s suffering from severe physical and mental trauma and is under treatment. She gave the following statement to the police:

On Sunday, I should have finished my work by 9:30pm but I was late. I got into a shuttle cab with office colleagues to reach Howrah. They got off at various places, the last one at Park Circus. The cab then took the flyover to Kiddepore. I was dropped near a food stall near Kidderpore Bridge. Since it was very late – around 10:45pm – and I had never been there before, I requested the driver to drop me close to Howrah station. I offered to pay more. The driver wouldn’t budge. He said, “Strand Road me bahut jam hota hai, yahan se bus mil jayega.” [There is too much traffic on Strand road. You can get a bus from here]

I waited for a bus. None came. There were very few people around. I was feeling scared. Suddenly an ambassador (later she corrected it to be a Maruti van) stopped in front of me. (She couldn’t recollect the colour). They asked me where was I going to. I told them Howrah station. They offered to drop me but I refused them. Prodded by someone, they lunged forward and dragged me forcibly inside the car. I was made to seat on the rear seat. A knife was held on my temple. They threatened to kill me if I utter a word.

The car then kept moving. I was abused. I pleaded to get down, but was slapped. I was first taken to a place that appeared to be dingy. I refused to get off there. They then took me to a dark place. There were many stranded trucks (later she added it to be close to an empty field). I was hurled up on a small goods vehicle. They snatched my handbag. I was raped by four to five people. As one raped, another held a hand on my mouth. Someone also held a knife. I was under tremendous pain but I couldn’t scream as they kept threatening me.

They then took me to the car. I was in pain. I was bleeding. They again started going around. I was barely conscious when I heard them discuss where to dump me. One then suggested to hurl me on the road. I will be knocked down by some other vehicle, one of them said. I was forced out of the car at a place that appeared to be Babughat. I pleaded with them to return my bag, it had everything I had. They flung it over me. Someone jeered at me: “Jah, tumko chor diya” [Go! We spare your life.]

I then tried to walk towards Howrah station. (Here she is unable to elaborate further. At one point, she said she sat by the road when she couldn’t bear the pain anymore) I was very thirsty when I reached Howrah station. I drank water and called up my aunt. The phone went unanswered. My uncle called me back. I recalled my ordeal and requested them to save me. They came soon after – so did my mother. They brought me here.



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