#Teenage Girl Beaten to #Death by Father for Falling in #Love

Bareilly, 30 Jan 2014

In what has been registered an an “honor killing, ” 18-year-old Neeraj was beaten to death by her father for falling in love with a youth from her village.  The father then buried her battered body in the nearby sugarcane fields.

The victim was in love with a youth named Prem Pal despite opposition from their families.  Prem Pal’s family had fixed his marriage with a girl of a nearby village but Pal wanted to marry Neeraj. When Neeraj came to know of the development two days back on Monday, she rushed to Pal’s house to persuade him against the marriage.

When the girl’s father, Shanti Lal, came to know of her presence at Lal’s house, he along with his elder brother rushed to Pal’s house and forced the girl back to her house where she was beaten black and blue. The girl refused to budge, and this infuriated the two who then allegedly killed her and fled with the body before the police arrived after a tip-off from the villagers.







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