#Racist Assault of Two #Manipuri #Women in Delhi

Feb 02, 2014

nido-taniam-protestJust four days after 19-year-old Nido Taniam was mob lynched and killed in a racist hate crime directed against people of North Eastern India, two women from the North East were assaulted in another race-based hate crime.

Two women from Manipur, Tharmila Jajo and Chonmila were  assaulted last week by some men who hurled racist abuses at them in South Delhi’s Kotla Mubarak area.

The women in their complaint said that one of the assaulters had tied the leash of his dog to Chonmila’s boots. She panicked and in a bid to get rid of the dog she started kicking the animal. Seeing this, the men started beating her up. When her friend Jajo tried to intervene, she too was allegedly thrashed by the men who made racists comments against them.The victims say that none of the locals came to help them.

The Delhi Police initially refused to file a complaint, have been under pressure because of massive anti-racism protests in Delhi.  They have now arrested one man in connection with the assault.

See our post on how “Racism Compounds Sexism” in India here: http://genderbytes.wordpress.com/2011/09/26/unknown-faces-of-indian-women-an-online-photo-exhibition/




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