Burnt to Death for #Dowry While Breast-feeding Her Baby #Girl!

Jharkhand, Feb 02, 2014

22-year-old Annu Devi was set ablaze while she was breastfeeding her daughter. Even though her parents had given her husband and in-laws land in dowry, they wanted more. They poured gasoline on Annu while she was feeding her baby and burnt them both to death.


2 Responses

  1. This is barbaric and highly condemnable, we have to rise against this barbarism and fight to protect the dignity of women. We can’t be animals and behave like butchers all the time. Enough is enough and it is now or never, it is up to the people with some element of morality to save our society from further humiliation. No Govt or any law enforcing agency is bothered about these problems, the onus is on ourselves to solve this problem, we will have to change our mindset, our education system, give more power to the females and look towards them with respect.

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