#Women Politicians Molested While Campaigning for Upcoming #Elections in #India

March 30, 2014

nagmaPolitics and government are often touted as venues for the empowerment of women in India.  But the fact is that female politicians are subject to the same kind of harassment and sexual molestations in public spaces, like women in India are on a daily basis, even as they campaign for the upcoming elections in April 2014.

Politician Nagma, despite a strong ring of bodyguards, has been groped on numerous occasions, sometimes by male politicians and sometimes by men in public gatherings.  Last week Nagma responded by publicly slapping one man who grabbed at her.  Some female politicians don’t get out of their cars because they fear being molested.  Others clear wide spaces and speak only from a raised platform.



5 Responses

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    I think what is bothersome is how most female politicians in India take this kind of sexual molestation by men in public venues into their stride. It comes with the job attitude! If the women in the position of power and politics don’t kick up a huge storm over this, is it any surprise they are not out there speaking for the common women’s rights? A slap? That’s enough? Is it any surprise that as people’s representatives these women often function like they know that this is a country for men, by men, and of men, and they are here only to serve men?

  2. That’s true, When our society is going to be changed in perspective of Girls and Womens! Alas, those who does such malice acts should be learned a lesson from their own family?

  3. Men, some men, without ethics, morals, respect are perverted and make us all look badly. That’s why we had to pass sexual harassment laws and other stronger laws in the United States because of those types of animal perverted bastardly creepy slime bags. The reason they don’t have these types of laws in India is because most, if not all, of the men politicians are slime bag perverted piece of scum bags I just mentioned and the men who vote for these perverts are perverts themselves. I feel so sorry for all females in India. Jordan they be proud of their country. I use to have respect for India,but that was before I learned how so perverted and evil the men legally treat females. Evil devil worshipping country.Satan has taken over this evil country. How shameful these men and their government are. They disgust me.Img will never buy anything from India again and am tossing the hundreds of dollars of items I bought in the past in the trash where these Indian men belong. Whenever I walk into a business and see it is owned by Indian men I am walking out, but not before I let the owner or employee know why I won’t patronize them again until their country change their laws, their perverted treatment of females.

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