#Teenage Girls #Gang #Raped and Hanged to Death in #UttarPradesh

The tree where the girls were hanged to death

Two teenage girls who had gone to the fields near their village in Badayun were gang raped by 5 men, including two police constables, and then hanged to death. The police refused to help the family find the girls, and instead directed them to where they could be found.  The girls belong to the lower-caste Dalit community, while the rapists are believed to belong to the upper caste Yadav community, and this is believed to be a caste-based hate-crime.  Others believe that this is a revenge attack against the village for voting against the party in power. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/two-minor-dalit-girls-raped-and-hanged-in-uttar-pradesh/articleshow/35741642.cms

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  1. […] gang rape of a teenager by men of a different caste will cause an uproar as in the Badayun case (click here), but not if the men are from the same community (click here and […]

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