#Gang #Rape and Attempted Murder of a Woman Judge in #UttarPradesh

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, June 3, 2014

A group of assailants broke into the home of a woman judge in Aligarh and attempted to murder her after gang raping her, by forcing her to drink pesticide.




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  1. By the way: as some tweets have raised the question if a “toilet might have saved the judge” – I have tried to shed some light on why the toilet question actually may be have unwanted side-effects such as … crop failures: One of India’s methods of fertilisation: open-field defecation

    • The issue raised on twitter is that many rapes in villages are because women have to go to toilet in the fields since they have no indoor toilets. But the judge obviously had indoor plumbing and toilets. Yet that did not prevent her rape.

      • Actually, I think this whole hype is hybris: the issue is not if people have toilets or not. Let’s assume that more homes had indoor toilets and therefore (!) the occasion for rape dwindles. Does this solve the underlying problem? I don’t think so. Just like men in prison cannot attack a woman in the field doesn’t mean they might not attack her if they had the chance to do so with impunity. What India (and most nations) need to achieve that men do not even think of women as prey, no matter whether they are alone or happen to be “protected” at any given time.

      • Exactly Maureen. And if you look through our blog educated women of all ages have been attacked, raped and killed within their homes. There was an 81 year old professor, a young high profile lawyer, and a judge who was gang raped inside her house.

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