Here’s How a Community Responds to A Woman Who Was Abused for #Dowry

Rajasthan, 23 June 2014

Mafi Devi had been married to Hanumana Ram of Parlu village six years ago.  At the time of her wedding her father gave a dowry to the in-laws in accordance with what they demanded. However, as is usually the case, the demand for money escalated after the wedding, and the in-laws began to abuse and torture Devi if her parents didn’t pay up.  Finally Devi’s family filed a dowry case against the in-laws.  Thereafter the local panchayat (village council) convened a meeting and decided that Devi’s family had to be ostracized for filing a law suit against their in-laws and they had to pay a fine of Rs.2 lakhs (U.S.$4000/-) to Devi’s in-laws.  When Devi’s parents refused to pay the “fine” since their case was pending in a real court of law, the community then disrupted the funeral of Devi’s grandmother, and refused to allow them to proceed till the fine was paid.


One Response

  1. There was a similar case in India where a man was successfully implementing the law and trying to stop abortion clinics he was prompted arrested. What use is the law if it cannot be implemented. what use is the community if it does not serve the community. In all the cases only the leaders in the community benefit, no one else. Maybe we should have our own laws, an international online community law.

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