Village Head Orders #Rape of 10-yr-old as ‘Justice’

July 11, 2014, Jharkhand

Her brother was accused of sexually molesting a woman.  So the head of the village council ordered that the brother of the victimized woman would rape the 10-year-old sister of the man accused.  The little girl was dragged out of her house and raped. The entire village witnessed the crime, but no one intervened, and most are refusing to speak out.


3 Responses

  1. The more I read about India the more astounded I get. After perusing several of the postings on your blog and other sources, I begin to realize that this seems to be a “way of life” in India and we in the Western media never read anything about it until that recent rape case and that “toilet discussion” that made it big in the world media. All of a sudden, a small trickle of these stories makes it into the main stream media, but I doubt if it will be for long.

  2. Sick. The headman and the perpetrator should be punished severely.

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