6-Year-Old Gang Raped by Teaching Staff; School Refuses to Take Responsibility

July 19, 2014, Bangalore

A six-year-old learning disabled student was gang raped by two members of the staff at a private school in Bangalore. One of attackers is said to be a sports instructor.  Parents attacked the school and more than 400o took to the streets in protest after police  failed to arrest the accused and the school authorities have refused to take responsibility for the safety of students on school premises.  Parents are also angry because some of the private schools, like the one in this incident are trying to force parents to sign release forms, releasing schools of any responsibility.The police also flouted rules while investigating the case. They put the 6-year-old through two rape tests and took her to the school premises at night to re-enact the incident. A mother of a another student has reported that two years ago her 7-year old daughter was also raped on the premises of another private school and the authorities had hushed it up.







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