Woman #raped by father-in-law re-victimized by Muslim clerics

September 06, 2014
A Muslim woman in Muzzafarnagar, UP, who was raped and made pregnant by her father-in-law has been told by Muslim clerics that under Sharia law she is to carry the fetus to term and consider her husband her son. The woman wants an abortion and her father-in-law prosecuted for rape. This appears to be a repeat of a high profile case from 2005,which involved the rape of a woman called Imrana, who also was told she was to divorce her husband and marry her father-in-law. Judgements like these though in conflict with constitutional laws, are often indulged under the ambit of ‘personal laws’ for minority communities, even when they are abusive towards women. There is a growing demand for one law for all under the Constitution.


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