#Delhi Woman Abducted and #Gang #Raped by her Estranged Husband and His Friends

December 2014, Delhi

A woman who was separated from her husband, said he along with his two friends abducted her when she emerged from a shopping mall, dragged her into a car, where they gang raped and sexually tortured her.



One Response

  1. Goodness! did they pay her parents a dowry?
    Do they not realize that they are all maddied to her now? And any children from these “unions” will have to be supported by the fathers?
    Even if the fathers are “holey men” who train their cobras to wash dishes as the master plays his flute, and asks for alms from British “tourists”
    Such a peculiar society.
    Oh well- I must go back and read some more tomes by Kipling.

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