Violent sexual assault of #Dalit #women by upper caste men in Rajasthan

15 May, Rajasthan

During a land dispute in the Dangawas village, when an upper caste man was shot dead by a Dalit, the upper caste retaliated with vengeance. Hundreds of Dalits fled the area as three dalit men were crushed to death with tractors by upper caste men, and Dalit women physically and sexually brutalized.  Six Dalit women are being treated in Ajmer’s JLN hospital and say that the attackers sexually assaulted them. Some of them suffered multiple fractures in hands and legs. A 25-year-old woman wept in the hospital speaking about how the attackers tore off her blouse and tried to strip her on the disputed land. She got 15 stitches on her head. “They tried to rape me and abused me,” the woman said. Another woman said, “Four attackers tried to remove my ‘ghaghra’ (skirt) and tried to thrust a stick inside.” A third woman said, “They pulled me by my hair for about 50 metres, tore off my clothes and hit my legs with iron-rods.” A DSP with a police team is now deployed to secure the injured Dalit women, though no arrests have been made yet.


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