#Rape victim refused #abortion by court, punished by villagers

8 August 2015, Gujarat

The court refused her abortion after she became pregnant by her rapist. Then her village punished her by forcing her to balance a 40kg rock on her head in order to prove her “purity” and be able to live with her husband again.

The woman, who was refused an abortion by Gujarat High Court in India, and reportedly had to later surrender her baby to the government, is having to undergo the ‘sanctity test’ for an unspecified time frame. The woman also lives in fear of her life as the rapist has threatened to kill her after he gets out of prison.



16-yr-old girl raped by her cousin and forced to have an abortion

13 July 2015 Bhopal

23 year old Shibu Prajapati was arrested on Sunday for raping his the 16-year-old cousin sister and later forcing her to have an abortion. The teenager was scared and kept silent as the accused had  threatened her with “dire consequences.”

12-year-old #rape victim forced to give birth due to #abortion law

A 12 year old girl who got pregnant after she was repeatedly raped was denied permission for abortion as she had crossed the 34 week limit under Indian law. She gave birth and has asked the court to put the baby up for adoption.


High Court refuses #gang #rape survivor’s plea for #abortion in #India

Ahmadabad, Gujarat, 17 April, 2015

The Gujarat high court on has refused to permit a 24-year-old gang rape survivor to terminate her 28-week pregnancy citing the law which does not permit abortion beyond 20 weeks’ of a pregnancy. The court, instead, directed the collector to ensure that the woman is provided with all care to ensure she carries the pregnancy to full term, has a safe delivery and the child born is not abandoned.

The woman, who is married with two children, had moved court recently saying she became pregnant after she was abducted and held captive for over six months. When she managed to escape after months of torture, she was already many months into pregnancy. This led to delay in her moving court for permission for abortion. The woman is a native of Botad district and lives with her husband and two children in Surat.


School girl died following 3 #abortions, after #sexual #abuse by teachers in #India

7 December 2014, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
A 16 year old school girl who was raped by her teacher and school headmaster over a prolonged period, died after being subject to three abortions. They did so on the pretext of financial assistance for her education. The parents it seems stayed silent for they feared the stigma would effect their other daughters.

Pregnant Woman Tortured for Refusing Sex-Selective Abortion

Kolkata, West Bengal, August 07, 2012

29-year-old housewife, Ranjana Prasad, who has one daughter had been previously forced to have an abortion by her in-laws, when an ultrasound revealed that she was carrying another daughter.  Now third time pregnant, Ranjana refused to undergo an ultrasound when ordered to do so by her in-laws, fearing that they would force her to undergo another abortion,  if they found out she’s carrying a girl.  Thereupon her father-in-law, mother-in-law and brother-in-law beat her and tortured her badly to try to force her to go to the hospital.  Later Ranjana with her husband filed charges against her three in-laws and have got them arrested. Full report here

Forced Female Fetal Abortion Kills Another Indian Woman


Behrampur, Orrissa, August 01, 2012

Sujata Moharana was 4-month pregnant with her second daughter.  Her husband, Jagannath Moharana, decided he didn’t want another daughter, and forced Sujata to undergo an abortion.  Sujata died after profuse bleeding. Her father then filed a police report against her husband.  Report here.


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