Woman in Gaya branded #witch, paraded with tonsured head

13 March 2015, Bihar

A mob of villagers branded a village woman as witch, got her head tonsured and paraded her in the Afzalpur village. The woman’s tormentors included her relatives.

The victim, Kalawati Devi was a faith healer for the last several years and the villagers blamed the death of a 3 year old boy on her. The police have arrested some of the men involved.


Woman beheaded by relatives in Bihar

26 February 2015, Bihar

The Pal family was attacked by an armed group of their own relatives as they sat down to lunch. They beheaded Pal’s wife and seriously injured the others. The cause of attack is still unknown.


3-yr-old #girl found raped, beaten, and hung upside down from a tree in Bihar, #India

Bihar, January 30, 2015

A three-year-old girl believed to be raped and beaten, was found naked and unconscious hanging upside down from a tree in the Banka district of Bihar.

She was rushed to a private clinic from where she was referred to the Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital. Her condition is stated to be serious.

The police are investigating the case which is believed to one of rape and torture.  A certain Muhammad Parvez was arrested in this connection. Madhubani Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Kumod Kumar said the child had gone missing three days ago from a private hospital at Aunsi Zero Mile area, where her mother had taken her to visit the father Muhammad Sadiq who was undergoing treatment. Parvez, was a worker at the clinic who was last seen playing with the child. It’s believed that he lured the child with some sweets and took her to an isolated place and committed the crime.


Woman’s Tongue Cut Off for Defecating in a Neighbor’s Field

3 January, 2014, Bihar

In a horrific incident, a woman’s tongue was cut off by her neighbour for defecating in his field, in a village in Patna.

According to reports, police said that Kusma Devi’s tongue was cut in half on Friday by her neighbour Bhagwat Paswan to teach her a lesson.

Her husband Indradeo Paswan who lodged a police complaint against the neighbour, said that his wife was first beaten and later her tongue was cut in half.


Was this #widow’s death ‘sati’ or murder?

15 December 2014, Patna, Bihar

65 year old Gahwa devi’s family says she committed ‘sati.’ The custom of where widows committed suicide or were often pressured to do so by relatives, has been long banned in India, but still continues. Often it the sons or male relatives find this a convenient way to usurp the widow’s property. A judicial probe has been ordered in this case, as there are also conflicting explanations. The son claims, she died of a heart attack when she got the news of her husband’s death, and so he cremated them together.


5 Women #Gang- #raped at Gun-point -via The New #Indian Express

10 October 2014, Bihar
Five women who work as rag pickers were forced to consume alcohol and gang raped at gun point by three men. There were other men who kept watch. Town residents blocked the roads demanding the men’s arrests. India has gun control laws, but despite that there has been an increase in the use of firearms in crimes against women.

17-year-old #girl #burnt alive in her house for resisting #rape – via #Times of India

3 October 2014, Patna

A man from the neighborhood who had been sexually harassing a 17 year old girl, broke into her house and attempted to rape her. When she tried to scream for help he set her on fire and escaped. She later succumbed to 90% burns.


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