In-laws and husband kill and burn pregnant woman for dowry

September 02, 2014

A 22 year old woman in Bareilly who had been blackmailed and tortured for dowry for many months, was strangled to death and set on fire by her husband and inlaws

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Woman Sets Herself and Her Twin Daughters on Fire in Kanpur

21 June, 2014, Kanpur

25-year-old widow Malti Devi set herself ablaze with her twin daughters who were 8 months old, at her house. All the other members of the house said they were sleeping in other parts of the house at the time of the incident.  However Malti’s shrieks were heard around the neighborhood and when her in-laws and neighbours rushed to her room but could not open the door. They broke open the doori took the three to a hospital but all of them succumbed to their injuries. According to villagers, Malti took the extreme step as she was reeling under acute depression following the death of her husband Kamlesh, a truck driver, who died in a accident last year.

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