Sexually Harassed by a #Stalker, 17-Year-Old #Girl Immolates Self, Dies

11 August 2015, Punjab.
A class 9 student, harassed by a stalker for weeks, set herself on fire. She succumbed to her burns but gave a video statement before she died in the hospital.

Woman Abused for #Dowry Was Branded with a Hot Iron

20 June, 2015, Karnataka

a 28-year-old married woman was allegedly branded with a hot iron rod in a village in Madhugiri taluk in the district by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law for dowry.

Though the incident took place on June 1, the woman told her parents about the incident only on June 17, when she went their house. She was taken to a hospital for treatment. Subsequently on Saturday, her parents filed a complaint at Midigeshi police station.

The woman was married to Nagaraj, who belonged to a village in Madhugiri taluk, two years ago. The couple have a daughter. Her mother-in-law, Hanumakka, and sister-in-law, Thammakka, allegedly branded her with hot iron rod on June 1 demanding dowry.

Another Woman burnt alive by husband and in-laws for #dowry

2 June 2015, UP
30 year old Kajal was set ablaze by her husband and in-laws last evening for dowry.
By the time she was taken to the hospital she had already died.

Kajal’s husband Sonu, father-in-law Vijaypal and mother-in-law Munesh have been arrested, and a case has been registered against six people in this connection.

Man burnt alive his wife for objecting to his extramarital affair in Nalanda, Bihar

30 May, 2015, Bihar

A man who had been abusing his wife for objecting to his extramarital affair, burnt her to death, according to a complaint filed with the police by the woman’s brother.

Woman, daughter burnt to death over dowry – The Hindu: Mobile Edition

18 May 2015, Orissa
Sabitri and her six-month-old daughter were torched to death by her husband Bulu Das in Titikhandi village for dowry. The couple were married for 8 years and also have an older who too was doused with kerosene, but managed to escape. Bulu had been demanding Rs.10,000 in extra dowry from Sabitri and frequently beat and tortured her for it.

Widow’s partially burnt body in husband’s pyre raises suspicions of ‘sati’

1 April 2015, Lathur

The partially burnt body of Usha, a 50-year-old widow was recovered from her husband’s funeral pyre in a village in Latur district. It has aroused suspicions of  Sati, a banned practice in India. Police have denied it being a case of Sati, even though the family’s explanations are suspicious. Latur district superintendent Dnyaneshwar Chavan said, “We have come to know she was under shock and was very weak. She may have fainted and then her clothes might have caught fire. The body had been partially burnt.”

A pregnant woman was burnt to death for #dowry in Bijnor, India

4 February 2015, Bijnour

The parents of 22-year-old, Naseem, who was pregnant, have filed a police report saying she was burnt to death by her husband and in-laws for not being able to pay the dowry they demanded of her.

Was this 11-yr-old #girl beaten by a policeman, also burnt to death by him? Madhya Pradesh, #India

31 January, 2015, Madhya Pradesh

An 11-year-old Yasmeen on died, two days after the police say she set herself on fire. It is reported that  she was thrashed and threatened by a policeman Jaroliya  in Madhya Pradesh, for riding his bicycle without permission.  The police say she was scared and ashamed because Jaroliya had threatened to get her family jailed. The doctors at Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital tried hard to save Yasmeen, who had 100% burn injuries, but could not.

The police are waiting for the autopsy report before initiating criminal proceedings. Jaroliya and his family members were untraceable and their house was found to be locked, he said.

However even though this is the police’s version of the story, the girl’s family says it is murder. Rehana Bi, Yasmeen’s mother, however has alleged that it was Jaroliya who set her daughter on fire.

Woman Burnt to Death After Returning to her Husband’s house

17 December 2014, Bareilly

She has left behind a one month old daughter. It’s a case that so often repeats in India, where women who are abused for dowry leave their husbands, and then are talked into returning by relatives and neighbors. This young woman too returned only to be burnt to death.

65-year-old #woman set ablaze for not voting for a #Hindu Right-Wing Political #Party

18 January 2015, Nasik, Maharashtra

A 65 year old woman was attacked by 3 men of the RSS, a right-wing Hindu party inside her home and set on fire. The men had threatened her to vote for their party, and even though the ballot is supposed to be secret, they found out that she had not voted for their party. With 80% burns the woman is battling for her life in the hospital.

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