Harassed for #dowry woman’s commits suicide with her infant

3 July 2015, Vellore

23 year old  with her 9 month son committed suicide, also killing him, as she jumped into a water tank with her baby in her arms. She lived with her mother-in-law who had been harassing her for dowry while her husband worked in Singapore



14-year-old Jharkhand girl kept chained in a dark room by stepfather for 11 months

17 May 2015, Jharkhand

A 14-year-old tribal girl was kept chained by her stepfather in a dark room over the last 11 months.
The rescue at the Chanho Block house was carried out on Saturday evening by officials of the Jharkhand State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, whose member said the ordeal was unprecedented in its brutality. The girl was chained allegedly by her stepfather.

“Some trafficked Jharkhand girls have been kept in similar condition by their employers and placement agents in Delhi and Mumbai in the past. But we haven’t come across any such case in Jharkhand before,” said Sanjay Mishra, senior member, JSCPCR.


Mumbai couple buy 11-yr-old girl as “maid” and physically & sexually torture her

21 April 2015, Mumbai

A Mira Road resident and his wife have been arrested for buying a minor girl as a maid and torturing her by making her work, starving her, abusing her physically abusing her. They’d also sexually torture her by putting chillies in her private parts. Sarjil Ansari, 38, a dealer in napkins, and his wife Farhat, 35, would assault the 11-year-old girl and increase the volume of the sound system to ensure that the neighbours do not hear her cries.

The police said the couple bought the girl from Badaun area of Uttar Pradesh for Rs15,000 a year ago, They promised the girl’s parents that they would take care of her and educate her in Mumbai.


Six-year-old brutally #raped with a rod

13 March 2015, Madhya Pradesh

6 year old daughter of a poor farmer was raped by a security guard who inserted a rod into her vagina


Was this 11-yr-old #girl beaten by a policeman, also burnt to death by him? Madhya Pradesh, #India

31 January, 2015, Madhya Pradesh

An 11-year-old Yasmeen on died, two days after the police say she set herself on fire. It is reported that  she was thrashed and threatened by a policeman Jaroliya  in Madhya Pradesh, for riding his bicycle without permission.  The police say she was scared and ashamed because Jaroliya had threatened to get her family jailed. The doctors at Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital tried hard to save Yasmeen, who had 100% burn injuries, but could not.

The police are waiting for the autopsy report before initiating criminal proceedings. Jaroliya and his family members were untraceable and their house was found to be locked, he said.

However even though this is the police’s version of the story, the girl’s family says it is murder. Rehana Bi, Yasmeen’s mother, however has alleged that it was Jaroliya who set her daughter on fire.


3-yr-old #girl found raped, beaten, and hung upside down from a tree in Bihar, #India

Bihar, January 30, 2015

A three-year-old girl believed to be raped and beaten, was found naked and unconscious hanging upside down from a tree in the Banka district of Bihar.

She was rushed to a private clinic from where she was referred to the Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital. Her condition is stated to be serious.

The police are investigating the case which is believed to one of rape and torture.  A certain Muhammad Parvez was arrested in this connection. Madhubani Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Kumod Kumar said the child had gone missing three days ago from a private hospital at Aunsi Zero Mile area, where her mother had taken her to visit the father Muhammad Sadiq who was undergoing treatment. Parvez, was a worker at the clinic who was last seen playing with the child. It’s believed that he lured the child with some sweets and took her to an isolated place and committed the crime.


70 #Indian Villages Where No #Girl Child Survived for the Last Several Years

70 villages in the State of Haryana have had no girls who have lived past the age of 6 years for the past several years. They are either aborted as fetuses or killed sometime after birth since the child sex ratio accounts for children from birth to the age of six years. Many of these villages belong to Mahendergarh district, where the child sex ratio (0-6 years) is just 762 girls against 1,000 boys. Some of the villages have a sex ratio of just 500 or even less than that.

Even though there is sex selection, the 2011 census indicates that it is not feticide but infanticide that accounts for the low child sex ratio.  Most girls are killed after birth. See this link for more https://genderbytes.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/this-confirms-indias-genocide-of-women-is-not-driven-by-sex-selective-abortions/


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