High Court refuses #gang #rape survivor’s plea for #abortion in #India

Ahmadabad, Gujarat, 17 April, 2015

The Gujarat high court on has refused to permit a 24-year-old gang rape survivor to terminate her 28-week pregnancy citing the law which does not permit abortion beyond 20 weeks’ of a pregnancy. The court, instead, directed the collector to ensure that the woman is provided with all care to ensure she carries the pregnancy to full term, has a safe delivery and the child born is not abandoned.

The woman, who is married with two children, had moved court recently saying she became pregnant after she was abducted and held captive for over six months. When she managed to escape after months of torture, she was already many months into pregnancy. This led to delay in her moving court for permission for abortion. The woman is a native of Botad district and lives with her husband and two children in Surat.



Another Acquittal in A #Dowry Related #Death by Madras High Court

29 March, 2015, Chennai

Paramasivam’s wife Sudha was found dead on September 12, 2001. Tirunelveli district and sessions judge had convicted Paramsivam and sentenced him to seven years imprisonment on charges of instigating his wife to commit suicide. He was also sentenced to three years imprisonment under Dowry Harassment Act on October 27, 2006.

However Paramasivam filed an appeal against the conviction and sentence in the High Court. The counsel for the petitioner said blaming his wife for being “dark coloured” was not harassment that and could not be seen as instigating her to commit suicide. Paramsivam had also asked for money for starting a business and that was not harassment. He had a car and had asked money for repairing the car and doing business. This was not dowry harassment, the counsel said.

Justice M Sathyanarayanan of Madurai, allowing a petition filed by Paramasivam against a lower court order, said “criticising the wife for being dark in colour does not amount to harassment or torture, and it cannot be said that the husband instigated the wife to commit suicide”. The Judge acquitted him from the charges.

Every year hundreds of women are driven to suicide after facing various forms of abuse and harassment for dowry. See our last post. Cases like this are setting a dangerous precedent for judicial and criminal response to dowry related suicides and murders in India.


Delhi Judge Rules “Minor beatings” By Husband As Acceptable In A #Dowry Related Suicide

March 31, 2015, New Delhi

In a case where the prosecution has argued that physically abused by the husband for dowry, a woman was driven to suicide, as is the case with hundreds of dowry related deaths (murders) in India, the judge in a Delhi trial court ruled that “Minor incidents of beatings” do not amount to cruelty upon wife, while acquitting a man in the dowry death case of his wife. Giving the benefit of doubt to Delhi resident Jagmohan, the court said, “Minor incidents of beatings on small issues can take place in any household and it would be unsafe and rather hazardous to overstretch these and give them the colour of cruelty as defined in the explanation attached to Section 498A IPC.”


#Indian Man Gets 10 years in Jail for Abetting Wife’s #Rape

26 November 2014, New Delhi

She eloped with the man she loved in 2011, when she was 16. When her family found her after 6 months , was a captive living under terrible conditions of abuse and rape. Her husband would violently force her to submit to rape by his friend. Sometime after her rescue the girl’s family took the man to court, and he has now been convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

4 Men convicted for #gang #rape of #sexworker in Delhi

12 November 2014, New Delhi

In what is probably an unexpected verdict, a Delhi court convicted four men of the abduction and gang rape of a sex worker from Rwanda, who was living and working in Delhi, and sentenced each of the men to 10 years of rigorous imprisonment.


Lawyer #Gang #Raped, Consumes Poison in India’s Supreme Court

22 September, 2014 New Delhi
A lawyer who says she was gang raped by her husband’s male relatives, consumed poison in the Supreme Court in the nation’s capital, in her bid to get justice. She says the police has refused to act on her case.

Village Head Orders #Rape of 10-yr-old as ‘Justice’

July 11, 2014, Jharkhand

Her brother was accused of sexually molesting a woman.  So the head of the village council ordered that the brother of the victimized woman would rape the 10-year-old sister of the man accused.  The little girl was dragged out of her house and raped. The entire village witnessed the crime, but no one intervened, and most are refusing to speak out.


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