14-yr-old #Dalit girl abducted and #gang #raped

20 July 2015 Bareilly

A 14-year-old Dalit girl was abducted and gang-raped in Nurpur village, Badaun district. A case was lodged by police against three men. One of the accused, Omendra Pal, is the son of the politician Tekchand Pal, Badaun district president of Samajwadi Party Pichra Varg Prakosht.


Violent sexual assault of #Dalit #women by upper caste men in Rajasthan

15 May, Rajasthan

During a land dispute in the Dangawas village, when an upper caste man was shot dead by a Dalit, the upper caste retaliated with vengeance. Hundreds of Dalits fled the area as three dalit men were crushed to death with tractors by upper caste men, and Dalit women physically and sexually brutalized.  Six Dalit women are being treated in Ajmer’s JLN hospital and say that the attackers sexually assaulted them. Some of them suffered multiple fractures in hands and legs. A 25-year-old woman wept in the hospital speaking about how the attackers tore off her blouse and tried to strip her on the disputed land. She got 15 stitches on her head. “They tried to rape me and abused me,” the woman said. Another woman said, “Four attackers tried to remove my ‘ghaghra’ (skirt) and tried to thrust a stick inside.” A third woman said, “They pulled me by my hair for about 50 metres, tore off my clothes and hit my legs with iron-rods.” A DSP with a police team is now deployed to secure the injured Dalit women, though no arrests have been made yet.


Dalit woman dragged out of a car and #gang-#raped in Haryana

11 March 2015 Haryana

A woman from the Dalit community, on her way to a marriage was abducted from the car she was travelling in by six men, taken to a field and gang-raped at Roopgarh village in Jind district of Haryana. Five of the men have been arrested, but the state government has made no comment on the crime.


#Honorkilling: A #Dalit man and his Muslim Wife hacked to death in broad daylight

29 November 2014, Hapur
A young inter-religious, newly married couple, were hacked to death with a sword, by the bride’s brother, with their families and the village watching on. The man was from the Dalit caste, and that could have been one of the reasons for the killing.

#Dalit #woman beaten up for taking drinking water from upper caste well – via The Times of India

4 September 2014

This is the reality of daily abuse that women from the lower caste Dalit communities face. Many Dalit communities don’t have running water and if they venture to get much needed drinking water from designated “upper caste” wells they are accused of polluting the water and are beaten up as in the case of this woman in Orissa in the link below, or raped and/or killed.

17-year-old girl burnt alive by her stalker

21 September 2014, Kanpur, UP

A 17 year old girl from the Dalit community was doused with kerosene and set on fire by a neighbor who had been stalking her. The girl’s family was aware of the stalker and had tried to warn him off. When a bill against stalking and sexual harassment was being discussed in the Indian Parliament, the chief minister of this state, Uttar  Pradesh, did not support it, saying this was fun that all boys/men engaged in.

16-yr-old #Girl Doused With Kerosene and Set on Fire By Neighbors in #Gujurat

June 18, 2014, Ahmedabad, Gujurat

A 16-year-old Dalit girl was doused with kerosene and set on fire by her neighbors at Sayla village in Surendranagar district of Gujarat.  It is reported that the neighbors had complained about an overflowing sewage line they wanted the girl’s family to repair, and had threatened to kill them if they did not repair the pipe.


#Teenage Girls #Gang #Raped and Hanged to Death in #UttarPradesh

The tree where the girls were hanged to death

Two teenage girls who had gone to the fields near their village in Badayun were gang raped by 5 men, including two police constables, and then hanged to death. The police refused to help the family find the girls, and instead directed them to where they could be found.  The girls belong to the lower-caste Dalit community, while the rapists are believed to belong to the upper caste Yadav community, and this is believed to be a caste-based hate-crime.  Others believe that this is a revenge attack against the village for voting against the party in power. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/two-minor-dalit-girls-raped-and-hanged-in-uttar-pradesh/articleshow/35741642.cms

Middle-Aged Woman Paraded Naked Through The Village

Uttar Pradesh,  Oct 10, 2011

A middle-aged Dalit woman was brazenly paraded naked in Chandwapur village of Uttar Pradesh.   Ram Pyari later told the police that out of the 500 in the village no one had dared to intervene to save her.  An affluent Dalit family put Ram Pyari, 45, through this public humiliation as they believed her husband, Darbari Lal, had helped their daughter Jayanti elope.  Read the whole report here.

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