#Rape by Delhi #Policeman Caught on CCTV

11 July 2015

A 23 year old woman was raped at gunpoint by Javeer Singh, an Assistant Sub-Inspector of Delhi Police. Medical reports confirm rape and the incident was caught on CCTV. However, so far Singh has only been sent to 14-days judicial custody.


Missing 13-yo #Delhi girl found #raped and murdered – The Times of India on Mobile

June 2015, Delhi

The body of the 13-year-old girl who went missing from her house in northeast Delhi on was found in a locked room beside her home. Preliminary investigations suggest that she was raped before she was strangled. The police suspect there was more than one attacker. The house owner, Mohd Aqueel (65), and his son have been detained.


6 Men in #Delhi kidnap and #gangrape a woman after dragging her out from an auto

18 May 2015, New Delhi

In Delhi’s Defense Colony, around 12 a.m. as a woman tried to board an auto after work, a white Santro car came by with 5 men who pulled the woman inside the vehicle and sped away. The auto driver noted down the car’s registration number and made a call to the police control room.

Police found the woman lying on the roadside in Dakshinpuri area near Pushpa Bhawan. She helped them locate the house where she was gangraped. Out of the six men, four were arrested from the house while a hunt is on for the remaining two.


Delhi Judge Rules “Minor beatings” By Husband As Acceptable In A #Dowry Related Suicide

March 31, 2015, New Delhi

In a case where the prosecution has argued that physically abused by the husband for dowry, a woman was driven to suicide, as is the case with hundreds of dowry related deaths (murders) in India, the judge in a Delhi trial court ruled that “Minor incidents of beatings” do not amount to cruelty upon wife, while acquitting a man in the dowry death case of his wife. Giving the benefit of doubt to Delhi resident Jagmohan, the court said, “Minor incidents of beatings on small issues can take place in any household and it would be unsafe and rather hazardous to overstretch these and give them the colour of cruelty as defined in the explanation attached to Section 498A IPC.”


Nigerian #tourist gang #raped by 4 in Delhi, #India

21 February, 2015 New Delhi

A 29 year old Nigerian woman who had taken a ride home with four men in a car, said they gang raped her after taking a detour. The four men have been arrested.


Severed torso of woman found in a drain near Delhi

7 January 2015, Noida

The torso of a woman severed of arms, legs and the head was discovered in a ditch near the nation’s capital. It’s the third such killing of a woman in/around Delhi in 10 days, making women more wary of the city as the most dangerous in India.


Elderly #Delhi Woman Hacked to Death by Businessman Who Came to Steal

10 January 2014, Delhi

A 62 year old woman was stabbed to death by a businessman neighbor who had broken into and entered her house with the intention of stealing from her, as he was suffering a business loss. He had planned the theft, and disconnected her CCTV cameras but attacked her when she raised an alarm. He did manage to steal a few items before he escaped and was later tracked down by the police.

Woman in South #Delhi #Raped, Sexually Tortured, & Killed by her Friend

12 January 2014

2 days ago, the semi-naked body of a woman, with her hands tied, and signs of rape and sexual torture, found in an upscale neighborhood had sent shock waves through the city. The police have now identified and arrested a friend of the woman for her rape and murder.

#Delhi Woman Abducted and #Gang #Raped by her Estranged Husband and His Friends

December 2014, Delhi

A woman who was separated from her husband, said he along with his two friends abducted her when she emerged from a shopping mall, dragged her into a car, where they gang raped and sexually tortured her.


#Acid #attack on woman doctor in Delhi by pickpockets

23 December 2014, Delhi

A woman doctor riding a scooter to work was attacked with acid by men who were trying to steal her purse.


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