17-yr-old girl beheaded in #Honorkilling and her head paraded around village

19 August, U.P.,
17 year old Pool Jehan was beheaded by her two brothers for being in love, and her head  paraded around the village. It’s reported the brothers kept saying “This is a lesson to girls who have relationships. We do not allow our daughters or sisters to have affairs.”

Woman #raped by husband and brother-in-law for #dowry

17 July 2015, UP

A woman was raped and physically tortured for over three months by her brother-in-law and husband who were demanded more dowry from her.


16-yr-old girl raped by her cousin and forced to have an abortion

13 July 2015 Bhopal

23 year old Shibu Prajapati was arrested on Sunday for raping his the 16-year-old cousin sister and later forcing her to have an abortion. The teenager was scared and kept silent as the accused had  threatened her with “dire consequences.”

12 year old girl #sextrafficked by her parents for two years in Kerala

8 July 2015, Kerala
A 12 year old girl was being pimped by her parents over two years. They would collect Rs.3000 from the “customers.”
The crime was exposed following an anonymous call to Child Line that a sex racket has been operating at Kottakkal in Malappuram district where a minor girl was the victim. The counselors of the Child Line recorded the statement of the victim, who was later rescued and shifted a safe place. Subsequently, police registered a case against the victim’s parents and others.


Widow’s partially burnt body in husband’s pyre raises suspicions of ‘sati’

1 April 2015, Lathur

The partially burnt body of Usha, a 50-year-old widow was recovered from her husband’s funeral pyre in a village in Latur district. It has aroused suspicions of  Sati, a banned practice in India. Police have denied it being a case of Sati, even though the family’s explanations are suspicious. Latur district superintendent Dnyaneshwar Chavan said, “We have come to know she was under shock and was very weak. She may have fainted and then her clothes might have caught fire. The body had been partially burnt.”


Bangalore policeman kicks and beats his daughter in public as a crowd watches on


12 March, 2015, Bangalore

A policeman in plain clothes was witnessed by a mob of about 50 people, kicking and beating his 25 year old daughter, as she rolled on the ground in public. Appears it was punishment for being in love. Two women intervened and rescued the daughter. It remains to be seen if the police will arrest and charge the father despite photos that have gone viral.


19-yr-old Indian girl stoned to death by family for being in love


15 January 2015, Utter Pradesh
19 year old Pratibha was in love with a boy her parents did not approve of. Her punishment was she was dragged out of the house, publicly stoned with bricks till her face was smashed beyond recognition, and strangled to death.

Girl set on fire by uncle over property in Varanasi

29 December 2015, Varanasi

A girl who was critically burnt  has given a statement to the police, that it was her uncle who had set her on fire over a family property dispute.


Man murders daughter for refusing to fetch him water

Bongaon, West Bengal, 18 January 2015

A farmer, Ram Singh,murdered his 19 year old daughter by stabbing her, because she did not want to get up from in front of the television she was watching, to fetch her father a glass of water. After killing her the fathered surrendered himself to the police.

Man tried to bury his 9-year-old #daughter alive in Tripura, #India

14 January, 2015 Tripura

A father, who disliked the idea of having a girl, tried to bury alive his 9 year old daughter, after tying her hands and gagging her. A neighbor raised the alarm and the man has been arrested. But when released, he will return home. Won’t he try to hurt the girl again?



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