Woman stabbed 35 times and murdered by two #Stalkers in Delhi’s #AnandParbat

16 July  2015, Delhi

19 year old Lakahmi who was shopping with her mother in Delhi’s Anand Parbat area, was attacked and stabbed 35 times by two men who had been stalking her for months. The police had refused to file a case against the men when she reported them. Bystanders did not intervene, and some say the men’s mother was egging them on.


8 month #pregnant, she was killed for a SUV in #dowry

18 June Noida

25-year-old Amlesh who was 8 months pregnant was found dead in her Kavi Nagar house.  booked for dowry death on Wednesday. Her husband ans in-laws have been arrested. They said she hung herself but there are fingerprints on her neck. They had been harassing her for an SUV in dowry. She leaves behind a two-year-old daughter.


Widow’s partially burnt body in husband’s pyre raises suspicions of ‘sati’

1 April 2015, Lathur

The partially burnt body of Usha, a 50-year-old widow was recovered from her husband’s funeral pyre in a village in Latur district. It has aroused suspicions of  Sati, a banned practice in India. Police have denied it being a case of Sati, even though the family’s explanations are suspicious. Latur district superintendent Dnyaneshwar Chavan said, “We have come to know she was under shock and was very weak. She may have fainted and then her clothes might have caught fire. The body had been partially burnt.”


Man murders daughter for refusing to fetch him water

Bongaon, West Bengal, 18 January 2015

A farmer, Ram Singh,murdered his 19 year old daughter by stabbing her, because she did not want to get up from in front of the television she was watching, to fetch her father a glass of water. After killing her the fathered surrendered himself to the police.

Man tried to bury his 9-year-old #daughter alive in Tripura, #India

14 January, 2015 Tripura

A father, who disliked the idea of having a girl, tried to bury alive his 9 year old daughter, after tying her hands and gagging her. A neighbor raised the alarm and the man has been arrested. But when released, he will return home. Won’t he try to hurt the girl again?



Severed torso of woman found in a drain near Delhi

7 January 2015, Noida

The torso of a woman severed of arms, legs and the head was discovered in a ditch near the nation’s capital. It’s the third such killing of a woman in/around Delhi in 10 days, making women more wary of the city as the most dangerous in India.


Was this #widow’s death ‘sati’ or murder?

15 December 2014, Patna, Bihar

65 year old Gahwa devi’s family says she committed ‘sati.’ The custom of where widows committed suicide or were often pressured to do so by relatives, has been long banned in India, but still continues. Often it the sons or male relatives find this a convenient way to usurp the widow’s property. A judicial probe has been ordered in this case, as there are also conflicting explanations. The son claims, she died of a heart attack when she got the news of her husband’s death, and so he cremated them together.


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