Pregnant woman #gang #raped by #Army soldiers in #Assam, India

11 Aug, 3015, Assam
A 7 month pregnant woman was abducted from her house  and gang raped by two army soldiers. Rampant rape by military personal in the North Eastern States of India continues to be a human rights issue the Indian government has yet to act on.

10-yr-old Mentally Disabled, Amputee Was #Gang #Raped in a Hospital in Agra

July 17, 2015, Agra,

A10-year-old mentally-disabled girl was gang raped in a hospital while she was recovering after having her leg amputated following a train accident. Police have arrested one person in connection with the attack while, the victim’s statement and medical examination indicate that it was a gang rape.

#Gang #Rape Inside a Working Women’s Hostel in Coimbatore

30 July 2015, Coimbatore,

Two unidentified men broke into a private working women’s hostel, hid in the room of one of the women and raped her on her return.  Later, her hostel mates found her lying unconscious in her room and alerted the hostel warden.

14-yr-old #Dalit girl abducted and #gang #raped

20 July 2015 Bareilly

A 14-year-old Dalit girl was abducted and gang-raped in Nurpur village, Badaun district. A case was lodged by police against three men. One of the accused, Omendra Pal, is the son of the politician Tekchand Pal, Badaun district president of Samajwadi Party Pichra Varg Prakosht.

Woman #raped by husband and brother-in-law for #dowry

17 July 2015, UP

A woman was raped and physically tortured for over three months by her brother-in-law and husband who were demanded more dowry from her.

15-YO girl in Vijaywada gang raped by 5 men for 2 days

18 July 2015 Vijayawada

15 year old girl was kidnapped on her way to church and raped by 5 men, who held her in captivity as they continued to abuse her for two days. The police are investigating if her boyfriend who she went to church with is involved in the crime.

45 women gang raped at a picnic spot in India

July 2015 Madhya Pradesh

45 women were raped by a gang of men over two years at the Kajligarh Picnic Spot, situated 16km (10 miles) from Indore. The gang would wait for a couple to settle down and then attack. They’d tie up the man and film the gang rape of the woman, and use the video to blackmail the couple to not report, by threatening to uploaded it on the net

A Nun gang #raped in Central India

22 June 2015 Chattisgarh

A nun was gang raped in a medical center where she worked in Chhattisgarh. The nun was found gagged and tied to a bed. Two masked men had broken into the missionary-run medical center on Friday night, by jumping over a gate and finding an unlocked door to the building.

Jobseeker gang #raped by 7 men in Gurgaon – The Times of India on Mobile

20June, 2015 Gurgaon

A 23-year-old woman was raped by seven men at a guesthouse in Gurgaon’s DLF-IV  after one of them took her there on the pretext of finding her a job in his “office”.

This is the fourth case filed in the city this year of a woman being held captive and sexually assaulted in a guesthouse. But lack of regulation has turned them into a major security challenge for police.

Missing 13-yo #Delhi girl found #raped and murdered – The Times of India on Mobile

June 2015, Delhi

The body of the 13-year-old girl who went missing from her house in northeast Delhi on was found in a locked room beside her home. Preliminary investigations suggest that she was raped before she was strangled. The police suspect there was more than one attacker. The house owner, Mohd Aqueel (65), and his son have been detained.

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