Newborn baby #abandoned in Mumbai subway because she’s a #girl

16 June 2015, Mumbai

Yet another newborn girl found abandoned in India. This baby was found wrapped in a piece of cloth inside a plastic carrybag at the Kandivali East subway station in Mumbai.

The baby had been abandoned in a subway near Saidham temple. Passersby informed the trustees of the temple who in turn summoned the Samta Nagar police. The baby was rushed to Babasaheb Ambedkar hospital. She is stable now.

Another Unwanted Baby Girl Thrown Out of Moving Train

11 March, 2015. Ranchi

A four month old infant girl was flung out of a moving train. She had been stuffed into a plastic container because of which she survived, though she fractured her arm. The police haven’t located the family yet.

New-born girl found on temple stairs – The Times of India

January 25, 2015 Chandigarh

A 5 day old infant girl was abandoned on the steps of a temple here. This coincidentally comes on a day the Prime Minister made a “Beti Bachao” (Save our daughters) public appeal.

Angry she was a #girl, father strangles and dumps his newborn – via Times of #India

5 November 2014, Howrah, W. Bengal

Angry his wife had given birth to a girl, a man killed his new born child within hours of her birth and dumped her body on the river banks. Injuries to the head and marks on the neck indicate she was battered and strangled.

Unwanted as she’s a girl, she was abandoned at the hospital

01 November 2014 Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu

A few hours after her birth her parents left her with the nursing staff and checked out of the hospital. The police are trying to trace down the parents, but would it be a good idea to hand her back to them given they don’t want her as she’s a girl? There is no law in India that prioritizes the safety of girls who are unwanted to protect them from their parents. 1 million girls are killed in India up to the age of 1 year, and another 7 million are killed between 1-6 years.

Four Day Old Infant Girl Thrown Out of Moving Car – via Times of #India on Mobile

12 October 2014, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

A 4 day old infant girl was thrown out of the window of a moving car. The baby survived but was critically injured and is in intensive care. The police are examining CCTV footage to identify the car.  This region has a very low child sex ratio for girls. More details in the link below.

Fourth newborn #girl #baby found dead in the garbage – via The Times of #India

3 September 2014, Bareilly

A newborn girl was found discarded in a plastic bag in a public garbage dump. Ironically on the day of Kanya Puja – a festival that celebrates the girl child as a goddess incarnate. In the last three weeks this is the fourth newborn girl killed and dumped in a public area in this town.

New-born #Girl With Umbilical Chord Left To Die in #Jaipur’s Fields

Jaipur, Jan 17, 2014

Another “unwanted” newborn girl was left to die in the open fields, still attached to the placenta and umbilical chord, without a stitch of cloth, at night as the temperatures dipped to 5 degrees Celsius  in Kanota. A villager informed the police and she was rushed to JK Lon Hospital where doctors said her condition was critical.


Indian Parents Are Plotting Their Daughters Murders More Carefully

Jaisalmer, June 18, 2012

According to the local medical authorities, members of some communities, infamous for killing baby girls, have now found a new way to make the deaths look ‘natural’. The baby girls are either not fed enough or deliberately not given medical treatment for illnesses. The authorities came across three such cases in Tejmalta and Mandi villages of the district during the last 10 days. On Friday, Dileep Singh was arrested after his daughter, who was born on June 13, died in the absence of proper treatment. Keku Kanwar delivered a healthy baby at Tejmalta on June 8 but was brought to the Jhinjhinyali primary health centre in serious condition the next day. The baby did not survive. On the same day, the death of yet another baby girl was reported, following which the entire family is missing.

District collector Shuchi Tyagi accepted the fact that some people are deliberately resorting to inhuman methods in order to save themselves from the law. Tyagi said it is a planned conspiracy and of the three recent cases, the newborns were buried in the backyard of the house. They also use chemical or salt so that body gets destroyed quickly.  Full report here

Baby Afreen Breathes Her Last: Killed by her Dad For Being Born A Girl!

Bangalore, April 11, 2012

Three-month-old Neha Afreen Banu, who suffered grievous physical injuries inflicted by her father, breathed her last on Wednesday in Bangalore Vanivilas Hospital. She died after suffering a cardiac arrest.
Afreen, born on January 17, 2012 was tortured by her father Omar Farooq who was upset that Afreen was a girl and not a boy.   Medical reports indicate that Afreen was a victim of shaken baby syndrome (child abuse caused by intentional shaking), she suffered very deep internal injuries including neck dislocation and subarachnoid haemorrhage (bleeding in the brain),  and intraocular haemorrhage (bleeding in the eyeball) due to the head injury.  Besides suffering from respiratory attack, convulsions, melena (stool with blood discharge), Afreen also had cigarette burns and bite marks on her body. Report here
A few weeks ago, another infant girl, baby Falak similarly battered, struggled for her life and died in a hospital in Delhi. Report here
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