Son Stabs Mother to Death and Sets her on Fire in Bengal, India

31 December 2014, West Bengal

Stench from a building led police to the decomposed and charred body of a woman at Konnagar in Hooghly on Saturday. Her son later admitted to killing her in a fit of rage on the night of December 31.

The suspect, Prantik Banerjee, said he stabbed his mother Rupali, set the body on fire, then wrapped the remains in a mat and quilt and stuffed it into a corner in their flat on Cripper Road.

Mother Kills 1-Day-Old Baby In The Hospital

Delhi, Feb 08, 2006

Pammi, a 25-year-old from Bihar’s Nalanda district, who has two young sons and had a complicated pregnancy.  A day after giving birth to a girl, Pammi strangled the baby as she slept next to her on the hospital bed.

Pammi who initially said the child died a natural death,  later confessed and said: “I made a mistake. But I did not want a girl child. It’s considered a bad omen back in our village in Bihar. So I killed her.” Read the report here

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