Woman Chief of the Village Council & her Sister Were #Murdered For #Dowry In Rajasthan

26 April 2015 Rajasthan

22 year old Khusnuma who was the head of a sarpanch (village council) in Bharatpur was murdered for dowry by poisoning. Her family members say that her in-laws were demanding Rs 1 lakh and an SUV as dowry and when she failed to oblige them, they poisoned her. Khusnuma’s sister, Sahnaz, who was married to her husband’s brother, was also believed to have been murdered for dowry, but her death was not reported to the police as the women’s parents feared that the in-laws would harm Khusnuma. The police have lodged an FIR against in-laws for killing Khusnuma for dowry.


65-year-old #woman set ablaze for not voting for a #Hindu Right-Wing Political #Party

18 January 2015, Nasik, Maharashtra

A 65 year old woman was attacked by 3 men of the RSS, a right-wing Hindu party inside her home and set on fire. The men had threatened her to vote for their party, and even though the ballot is supposed to be secret, they found out that she had not voted for their party. With 80% burns the woman is battling for her life in the hospital.


Member of India’s Parliament Threatens To Send His “Boys” to Rape Women

July 01, 2014

Tapas Pal, a politician and Member of Parliament was videotaped openly threatening to send his “boys” to rape women and kill people from the opposition.  Pal is a key politician in the Trinamool Congress (TMC), a party that heads the current government in the state of West Bengal.  Rape and other forms of violence against women have risen dramatically under the TMC led government in West Bengal, making the state one of the worst states in crimes against women in India.  Many of the cases of rapes of women involved TMC politicians and workers who seem to have immunity from the law.  The party leader and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been accused of being insensitive to crimes against women, often blaming the victims, despite being a woman herself, and refusing to reign in her politicians.

There has been no move on the part of Ms. Banerjee to take legal action against Pal.  There is now a call for the arrest of Pal, under the Sec 503 of the Indian Penal Code for inciting hate and violence against women.


See anti rape activist Barun Biswas’s story, whose family believes the TMC was involved in his murder http://genderbytes.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/barun-biswas-the-life-and-death-of-an-indian-anti-rape-activist/

See case of gang rape in Howrah by TMC men http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/howrah-gangrape-tmc-worker-arrested/

See case of the Kamduni rape-murder agitation where key accused is a TMC strongman http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/key-accused-in-barasat-rapemurder-is-tmc-strongman/1131474/



Two Women Gang Raped for Revenge By Rival Political Party

Feb 9, 2014, Howrah, West Bengal

Two women who families voted for the CPI (M) or communist party were gang raped by 7 men from the opposition, ruling party, The Trinamool apparently as “punishment.”  This is not an isolated incident. Gang rapes and sexual violence have become a tool in West Bengal, for terrorizing and controlling people and families into voting for parties that want to come to power or stay in power.


Girl in Kolkata #Gang #Raped Twice and Burnt to Death as Police Looked Away

Kolkata, West Bengal, Jan 03, 2013

The victim’s mother at her funeral

A young girl in Kolkata was gang-raped by a gang of men with political clout, not once but twice, and then doused with kerosene and burnt to death by her rapists after she complained to the police.  The police not only ignored the complaint, and allowed her to be victimized again and again, but they also tried to pressurize the family to cremate the body quickly and destroy evidence of the crime.  It is understood that the rapists and killers have obvious political clout and patronage as most recent crimes against women in Bengal seem to have.

Had the police acted swiftly right after the victim’s family filed the first complaint, the second assault would not have happened.  Moreover, police were accused of not taking cognizance of the victim’s dying declaration on December 26 and submitted it in Barrackpore court only on Thursday. In her last statement, the girl had denied suicide and said she was set on fire by Ratan and Minta Seal. But because police kept silent for a week,  the public was led to believe that the victim had killed herself.

Read more on this case in the links below:




Woman Professional Gang-Raped in Delhi By Eight Men

Delhi, August 11, 2012

A 22-year-old woman, an employee of  the Delhi Jal Board (Water Board) was gang-raped by a male friend of hers, and at least seven other men through Thursday night and dumped near the Ballabhgarh flyover on the Delhi-Agra highway.  The woman’s friend had called her on the pretext of helping his sort out his problems with his girlfriend.  The men took her in the car to a field where they took turns raping her.  The police claim that they’ve not been able to arrest the accused yet.  The victim’s family however says that the accused have political connections and being protected.  Full report here

Female Fetuses Fed to Dogs to Destroy Evidence of Female Feticide

Beed, Maharashtra, May 23, 2012

Some doctors in Beed are disposing of female foetuses by feeding them to dogs in order to destroy evidence of female foeticide. This is confirmed by the Public Health Minister of the state, Suresh Shetty.  Beed in Marathwada, where this is taking place also has one of the worst child sex ratios in India – 801 girls being born per 1,000 boys  according to the 2011 census. Dr. Munde, in whose clinic this practice is going on, has so much political clout that the police are not willing to arrest him.  Health Minister Shetty said, Shetty said: “Our civil surgeon who had gone to investigate Munde’s hospital was locked up in a room by some goons. They even abused her and asked her to go away.”  The Ministry has requested security for its staff.  Full report here

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