Sexually Harassed by a #Stalker, 17-Year-Old #Girl Immolates Self, Dies

11 August 2015, Punjab.
A class 9 student, harassed by a stalker for weeks, set herself on fire. She succumbed to her burns but gave a video statement before she died in the hospital.

#Gang #Raped Teenage Girl in Haryana Commits Suicide Because of Corrupt Police

5 March, 2015, Haryana

A teenager in Haryana, who was kidnapped and gang-raped by four men on a farm last month, has committed suicide. The girl hanged herself from a fan at her home. Her family says she was very upset after the police forced her to drop charges against three of the men, converted the gang-rape case into rape and arrested only one of the four men she had named.

Girl Held Captive by a Family in Orissa, India, and Raped Over Two Years

Berhrampur, Orissa, 23 January, 2015

An underage girl had been held captive by a man with an engineering diploma, and his parents in their house for two years. And while parents abused and tortured her, and used her as a domestic slave, the son raped her. The girl has been rescued by an anti-human trafficking unit, and three accused have been arrested

19-yr-old Indian girl stoned to death by family for being in love


15 January 2015, Utter Pradesh
19 year old Pratibha was in love with a boy her parents did not approve of. Her punishment was she was dragged out of the house, publicly stoned with bricks till her face was smashed beyond recognition, and strangled to death.

14-year-old Gang Raped by Police in Badaun, UP

January 2, 2015, Badaun, UP

A 14 year old was kidnapped, held hostage in a police station and gang raped by two policemen. The policemen have not yet been arrested, and are said to be on the run. The victim’s family says the police initially refused to accept register their complaint. This is the same village where two teenagers were said to have been gang raped and hanged to death from a tree.

14-yr-old girl raped, stranguled to death in her house in Punjab, India

20 December 2014, Gurdaspur, Punjab

A 14 year old adopted girl was found raped and strangled to death in her own house. Her adoptive parents claim they were all away and she was alone at home. The police has yet to make any arrests.

Locals block India- Bhutan border after #rape & murder of a 14 year-old girl

24 November 2014, Jalpaiguri, Bengal

A 14- year-old Indian girl from a village at the India Bhutan border, who went across daily to work as a domestic help in Bhutan, was raped and killed there. People from her village who have been agitating, and demanding an arrest and enquiry, have blocked the India- Bhutan border.

15-yr-old who fought off 6 men trying to rape her, was set on fire

19 November 2014, Barreilly U.P.

Six men broke into the house of a 15-year-old when she was home alone, and attempted to rape her. As she fought them and raised an alarm, they set her on fire and fled, bolting the door from outside. The girl is in a critical condition in hospital.

Body of beheaded teenage girl in Meghalaya

6 October 2014, Meghalaya

A brutally dismembered body of a teenager was discovered in Meghalaya. Her head and arms had been hacked off. The body was naked and she is believed to have been raped before she was killed. Her mother has filed a police complaint against her husband, the girl’s stepfather, who she suspects of the crime.

17-year-old #girl #burnt alive in her house for resisting #rape – via #Times of India

3 October 2014, Patna

A man from the neighborhood who had been sexually harassing a 17 year old girl, broke into her house and attempted to rape her. When she tried to scream for help he set her on fire and escaped. She later succumbed to 90% burns.

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