#Policeman’s son is one of 5 men who #gang #raped a woman in Muzaffarnagar

28 February, 2015, Muzaffarnagar, UP

A policeman’s son is one of 5 men accused of drugging and gang raping a woman, and then threatening her with murder if she filed a complaint.

Woman Poisoned to Death for Dowry in Lucknow, India

Lucknow, UP, 23 January, 2015

After six months of marriage, 23-year-old Saraswati’s in-laws started torturing her demanding Rs 50,000 in cash and gold chain as dowry.  On January 20, her father was informed by Saraswati’s in-laws that she was admitted in Trauma Centre after consumed poison. Upon reaching the hospital, he learnt from Saraswati that her in-laws were the ones who gave her poison. Saraswati died soon after. Budhram has filed a case against his daughter’s husband Moolnarayan, his parents and brother at the BKT police station.


19-yr-old Indian girl stoned to death by family for being in love


15 January 2015, Utter Pradesh
19 year old Pratibha was in love with a boy her parents did not approve of. Her punishment was she was dragged out of the house, publicly stoned with bricks till her face was smashed beyond recognition, and strangled to death.

65-year-old woman dies after being #gang- #raped in #India

19 January 2015, Varanasi, UP

A 65 year old widow who lived alone died due to excessive blood loss, after she was gang raped by four men, who also sexually tortured her by inserting various objects into her private parts.


Girl set on fire by uncle over property in Varanasi

29 December 2015, Varanasi

A girl who was critically burnt  has given a statement to the police, that it was her uncle who had set her on fire over a family property dispute.


14-year-old Gang Raped by Police in Badaun, UP

January 2, 2015, Badaun, UP

A 14 year old was kidnapped, held hostage in a police station and gang raped by two policemen. The policemen have not yet been arrested, and are said to be on the run. The victim’s family says the police initially refused to accept register their complaint. This is the same village where two teenagers were said to have been gang raped and hanged to death from a tree.


15-yr-old who fought off 6 men trying to rape her, was set on fire

19 November 2014, Barreilly U.P.

Six men broke into the house of a 15-year-old when she was home alone, and attempted to rape her. As she fought them and raised an alarm, they set her on fire and fled, bolting the door from outside. The girl is in a critical condition in hospital.


17-year-old girl burnt alive by her stalker

21 September 2014, Kanpur, UP

A 17 year old girl from the Dalit community was doused with kerosene and set on fire by a neighbor who had been stalking her. The girl’s family was aware of the stalker and had tried to warn him off. When a bill against stalking and sexual harassment was being discussed in the Indian Parliament, the chief minister of this state, Uttar  Pradesh, did not support it, saying this was fun that all boys/men engaged in.

Family’s Attempts #HonorKilling16-yr-old Girl Pregnant By #Rape

Agra, UP, June 15, 2014
She was rap ed at a birthday party. When her family found out she was pregnant they tried to get her an abortion. When that didn’t work, her mother and uncle tied her up and threw her into a river hoping she’ll drown. When she was rescued by some villagers and taken to a police station, the police ignored her, and let her sit for three hours without food or medical aid till she passed out.
“Honor Killings” of women and girls raped is not uncommon in India. Often the victim is forced to commit suicide to “save the family’s honor.” In 1947, during the partition of India and Pakistan, thousands of women who had been raped were killed by their families.

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