5 women group lynched in midnight ‘#witch #hunt’ by Indian village

9 August, 2015, Bihar

Five women, branded as witches, were stripped and lynched in a village assembly at Kanjiya Maraitoli village in Jharkhand. The women were all in their 50s. Police identified the men involved and arrested 27 of them. Many of the arrested are students of Mandar College.
Many women, particularly widows, are usually killed over family disputes and land grabs on the pretext of ‘witch hunts.’ The villagers are defiant and have threatened to lynch three more women.


63 year old woman beheaded in a #witch hunt by a mob in Assam

20 July 2015, Assam
In a mob led witch-hunt, 63 year-old Poni Orang was stripped naked and beheaded. About 200 participated in the open lynching. Only 7 have been arrested. Orang is of a tribal community and is survived by 5 children. Most witch lynchings are an attempt to usurp property, and single, widowed, elderly, minority women are most vulnerable.


Woman accused of #witchcraft axed to death by 7 men in Gujarat

10June,2015 Gujarat

50 year old Kapuriben Rathwa, a widow was axed to death by 7 men at Khandwaniya village on the night of June 5 after accused her of practising black magic.


Tribal woman in #India gang #raped after being accused of #witchcraft

31May, 2015, Madhya Pradesh

A tribal woman has been brutally gang-raped by six men who accused her of practising witchcraft.The 35-year-old woman has been admitted to hospital and is receiving treatment for her injuries. All the six accused have been arrested, police said.

60-yr-old #Tribal woman shot dead in ‘#witch hunt’ in Tripura, India

17 March 2015, Tripura

60-year old Kanyapati Debbarma of Duraishamrai ADC village, about 20 km from Kamalpur, was killed by her relatives, who barged into her house and shot her in the head with a rifle at close range as she cooked her evening meal. They accused her of being a witch. Over the last few years about 50 women have been killed in such “witch hunts” in Tripura alone.


Study on the Trauma Suffered by Women Survivors of ” #Witch Hunts” in #India

January 2015, Assam

A study on survivors of “witch-hunts” shows that these women face not only psychological, sexual and physical violence but also economic abuse like being stripped of land, house, livestock, farms, and shops and denied access to jobs and public resources.

They face brutal physical violence, such as being attacked with bamboo sticks and daggers, yanked by the hair, slapped, punched and beaten up after being tied to a pillar. “There were instances where the victim was made to undergo agonising ‘tests’ like sitting on stool of thorny wood, holding iron balls or chewing betel nuts to prove they were not witches.”  In one case, the deceased victim, and her daughter  were raped by a group of seven men, had rods inserted in their private parts following which they were burnt by acid,” the report said. In four cases, the women were murdered.

The study also establishes that branding women as “witches” was “a tool to settle scores owing to personal enmity, jealousy or to grab property.”


Woman stripped, sexually tortured and lynched as a “witch”

27 October 2014, Chattisgarh

A 55-year-old woman was dragged out of her house by 12 relatives, who accused her of being a “witch.” They then publicly stripped her, sexually tortured her and beat her to death as the village, and her husband and children watched on. Increasingly studies show that most cases of witch lynching in India involve property disputes, where relatives or neighbors drum up resentment against women whose property they want to grab.


Why Did Her Relatives Label Her a “Witch” and Lynch Her?

Raipur, Chattisgargh, March 05, 2014:


Dulari bai

52 year old Dulari Bai who had no children was accused of being a “witch” and beaten and killed by four men, all of who were her immediate relatives.


This is a consistent pattern.  In most cases of ‘witch lynching’ the attackers are male relatives or powerful men in the village.  And as studies establish now (see the link below) the reason the women are attacked and killed is so that the men can grab their land and property.


Woman Accused of Being A ‘Witch’ Burnt to Death

Vadodara, Gujarat, Aug 09, 2012

Seven men barged into the home of 55-year-old woman, Mohliben Dhansingh Rathwa, dragged her out,  and set her on fire, killing her.  They believed that she practiced black magic which killed one of their relative’s named Shankar.  Shankar howev er, is believed to have died of snake-bite.  Full report here.

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