Rape and Murder of a 75-Year-Old Woman in West Bengal, 4 Detained

18 March 2015 Bengal

The naked, battered body of 75-year-old widow who lived alone, indicates she was possibly raped and murdered. 4 men have been retained.



72-year-old Nun Gang in a Convent in Bengal, India

13 March 2015, Bengal

A 72 year old nun was gang-raped by 4-5 men, who broke into the convent where she lived at Gangnapur in Nadia district, and whi fled after stealing 12 lakhs from the convent safe. It triggered blockades of roads and rail tracks as West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee ordered a CID probe into the incident.


Man murders daughter for refusing to fetch him water

Bongaon, West Bengal, 18 January 2015

A farmer, Ram Singh,murdered his 19 year old daughter by stabbing her, because she did not want to get up from in front of the television she was watching, to fetch her father a glass of water. After killing her the fathered surrendered himself to the police.

Chaya Mandal: Another Woman Burnt to #Death for #Dowry in India

29 December, 2014, Malda, West Bengal

Pintu Mandal who had been married to Chaya for 5 years, has been charged with murder for burning his wife to death for dowry. Pintu currently is on the run with his parents who along with him had started torturing Chaya for dowry, soon after the wedding.


Tour Guides Kidnap and Gang #Rape Japanese #Tourists in Calcutta, #India

3 January, 2015, Calcutta, West Bengal

Five men, mostly tour guides have been arrested for organizing the kidnapping and gang rape of a Japanese scholar, who was visiting the city as a tourist. Investigations show that these men have an organized gang, that operated in parts of the city where tourists visit or stay. They would target single women tourists by earning their trust, and then kidnap them and holds them hostage, moving them from place to place, where they are sexually abused by gangs of men.  Shockingly, the  there have been other tourists from Japan who went through the same ordeal with the same gang, but had not filed a complaint.


Class 12 School Girl at Vishwa Bharti Raped by University Scholar

6 December 2014, West Bengal

A class 12 student from Bangladesh studying in the school program of the world renowned Vishwa Bharati University, was repeatedly raped by a research scholar at the university, who was also her local guardian. The man had been arrested and girl’s parents are taking her back to the country for they feel she is too young to withstand a trial.


Father Slashes Daughter’s Tongue For Being in Love in West Bengal, #India

6 December 2014, Canning, West Bengal

As punishment for being in love with a boy and talking to him on her mobile phone, the father of a teenage girl, beat her up, tried to strangulate her, and then cut off her tongue.


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