10-yr-old Mentally Disabled, Amputee Was #Gang #Raped in a Hospital in Agra

July 17, 2015, Agra,

A10-year-old mentally-disabled girl was gang raped in a hospital while she was recovering after having her leg amputated following a train accident. Police have arrested one person in connection with the attack while, the victim’s statement and medical examination indicate that it was a gang rape.


10-yr-old girl #raped by #neighbour in Meerut

19 July 2015, Meerut

A 10 year old girl was raped by her neighborh, Afsar, who it’s reported had also attempted to burn his own wife to death in the previous week.

12 year old girl #sextrafficked by her parents for two years in Kerala

8 July 2015, Kerala
A 12 year old girl was being pimped by her parents over two years. They would collect Rs.3000 from the “customers.”
The crime was exposed following an anonymous call to Child Line that a sex racket has been operating at Kottakkal in Malappuram district where a minor girl was the victim. The counselors of the Child Line recorded the statement of the victim, who was later rescued and shifted a safe place. Subsequently, police registered a case against the victim’s parents and others.


12-year-old #rape victim forced to give birth due to #abortion law

A 12 year old girl who got pregnant after she was repeatedly raped was denied permission for abortion as she had crossed the 34 week limit under Indian law. She gave birth and has asked the court to put the baby up for adoption.


Man burns 6-yr-old girl to death after her aunt resists #rape

17 May 2015, Chattisgarh

Mahaveer, who was known to the victim’s aunt broke into the house and attempted to rape her. When he failed in his attempt, he burnt the woman’s 6 year old niece and 3 year old. nephew to death.


Was this 11-yr-old #girl beaten by a policeman, also burnt to death by him? Madhya Pradesh, #India

31 January, 2015, Madhya Pradesh

An 11-year-old Yasmeen on died, two days after the police say she set herself on fire. It is reported that  she was thrashed and threatened by a policeman Jaroliya  in Madhya Pradesh, for riding his bicycle without permission.  The police say she was scared and ashamed because Jaroliya had threatened to get her family jailed. The doctors at Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital tried hard to save Yasmeen, who had 100% burn injuries, but could not.

The police are waiting for the autopsy report before initiating criminal proceedings. Jaroliya and his family members were untraceable and their house was found to be locked, he said.

However even though this is the police’s version of the story, the girl’s family says it is murder. Rehana Bi, Yasmeen’s mother, however has alleged that it was Jaroliya who set her daughter on fire.


3-yr-old #girl found raped, beaten, and hung upside down from a tree in Bihar, #India

Bihar, January 30, 2015

A three-year-old girl believed to be raped and beaten, was found naked and unconscious hanging upside down from a tree in the Banka district of Bihar.

She was rushed to a private clinic from where she was referred to the Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital. Her condition is stated to be serious.

The police are investigating the case which is believed to one of rape and torture.  A certain Muhammad Parvez was arrested in this connection. Madhubani Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Kumod Kumar said the child had gone missing three days ago from a private hospital at Aunsi Zero Mile area, where her mother had taken her to visit the father Muhammad Sadiq who was undergoing treatment. Parvez, was a worker at the clinic who was last seen playing with the child. It’s believed that he lured the child with some sweets and took her to an isolated place and committed the crime.


Man Tries to Hack Off Infant Son’s Hand to Pressurize Wife for #Dowry

January 3, 2015, Guntur, AP

A man tried to cut the hand of his 18-month-old son to exert pressure on his wife to get more dowry, in the Railpeta Colony of Bapatla on Friday. Apparently the neighbors are trying to reconcile the couple.


6-month-old baby #girl #raped in Gujarat, #India

3 December 2014, Gujarat

A 6 month old baby girl was raped by a person known to the family. The man has been arrested and charged.


No help for 8-yr-old rape victim | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

23 November 2014, Mumbai

An 8 year old rape victim and the unbelievable trauma she has undergone at the hands of indifferent police, government offices and hospitals. See the report below


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